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4 things we learned from our interview with the Milverine

Posted at 5:18 PM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 22:18:08-05

If you thought you saw Hugh Jackman strutting around downtown Milwaukee you're probably mistaken, but who you did see is possibly even better.

The Milverine is a Milwaukee icon who is known mostly for his resemblance to the 'Wolverine' character, but also for his tendency to leave his shirt at home.

Here are a few things we learned from an interview with him:

1. Shirts are only for weather below 60 degrees

Let's be honest, shirts are overrated and if it's over 60 degrees they're completely irrelevant. That's according to Milverine, of course. He says if it's above the 60-degree marker shirts are nothing more than sweat rags, so we're better off ditching them altogether.

2. Air conditioning is the worst 

A sweaty shirt plus a cool, air-conditioned room equals one huge disaster. Milverine says he hates air conditioning because of how cold it makes you if you've sweat through your shirt.  

3. It IS ok to skip leg day once and a while.

Here it is, the inside scoop on how to get the body of the Milverine. He says he only lifts weights two to three times per week to make time for recovery.

"Anybody that lifts weights every day is not going to gain anything, you know," he said. 

4. He endorses the new MobCraft Moo-waukee beer, featuring him

The new "White Chocolate Milk Stout" features an image of the Milverine sitting on top of a cow on Hoan Bridge. 

"Looks like a tough guy," he said of the label.

Consider it Milverine-approved.