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Former TODAY'S TMJ4 anchor/reporter Tom Murray leaves news to preach the gospel

Posted at 8:56 AM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 09:56:20-05

It's been 3 years since former TODAY'S TMJ4 anchor and reporter Tom Murray left television news.

These days the 37-year-old father of three is still behind the microphone. But he's delivering a different message as a pastor at the Assembly of God mega-church in Oak Creek.

The move from television news to ministry was a decision Tom and his wife Jennifer made together.

"Five or six years ago, this job I was passionate about...suddenly the passion started not to be there anymore. It was a time of spiritual searching for us," he said. 

Spiritual searching was important to the couple who first met at Assembly of God's young adult group.

 "At the end of our first date Jennifer asked me what's going on here. Our first date!" Murray said. 

Today the Murrays lives are full and busy. They have three young kids, 7-year-old Savannah, 4-year-old Dahlia, and 2-year-old Tucker, and their Greendale home is filled with activity.

Murray turned to religion when he felt empty as a young man, and discovered his college ways continued after graduation.

"I drank a lot like a lot of people do in college, chased relationships for the wrong reasons," he said. "I came to a point where I realized this is not how I want to live the rest of my life."

That's when Murray made a decision to change.

"I thought what do good people do, they go to church, so I thought, I should just start going to church," he said. 

Murray runs the Sunday school program and travels overseas to report on church missions, which is ironic because one of his early dreams was to become an overseas news correspondent.

"It never really came together when I was at the TV station. The amazing thing is when I started following this path, all of a sudden I was traveling all over the world with a video camera asking people questions and telling stories," he said. 

The Murrays rejoice in their present lives of lifting others up.

"It's this front row seat to seeing lives change through the hope of Jesus Christ. Broken people come through our doors. Very rarely do people come through our doors when they feel they've got everything together," he said. 

"Just seeing someone's life change for the better, you can see that joy in them that can only be from Christ," Jennifer said. 

Murray says pastoring is about connecting, listening and sharing the Lord's message.

"He wants you to use your God-given skills passions skills and abilities for the greatest purpose possible," he said. 

But Tom believes his most important pastoral duties start at home.

"We want our kids to want to come home even when they don't have to," he said.