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17-year-old Sheboygan County girl charged with 2 felonies after Snapchat drug deal

Posted at 4:44 PM, Feb 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-25 19:09:30-05

PLYMOUTH, Wis. – A Plymouth teenager faces two felony charges after a drug deal with someone she met on Snapchat backfired on her. 

Morgan LaPorte, 17, was caught dealing marijuana by police on November 28, 2017 -- near Riverview Middle School. 

According to the criminal complaint, Plymouth Police was called to the scene of an accident and approached LaPorte's car. They noticed "small green plant-like material" and "strong odor of marijuana emanating" from the 17-year-old girl's car. Police then searched the car and found 2.2 grams of raw marijuana buds scattered throughout the vehicle.  

When questioned by police, LaPorte revealed that she was contacted on Snapchat by a person named “Zach” for an ounce of marijuana, earlier that day. LaPorte said she did not know “Zach” but believed he was from Sheboygan.

Roughly an hour before police arrested her, LaPorte stated that Zach came up to her vehicle, and requested one ounce of marijuana. LaPorte said she gave him just less than one ounce of marijuana in a plastic zip-top bag -- and it was all marijuana buds. 

LaPorte stated that Zach grabbed the marijuana and attempted to flee from her car without paying for it. She then grabbed onto Zach and there was small altercation inside the vehicle. Zach was eventually able to get away and took off on foot – and owed her $200.00.

LaPorte admitted to officers that she sells to approximately 30 people in the local Plymouth area, and that they are all different ages. She indicated that she sells about a half a pound a week. LaPorte told officers that she has money set aside, usually $1,000.00, strictly for buying and selling drugs. She indicated this money was hidden in her bedroom at her home.

LaPorte is due back in court on March 20.

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