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'It would be nice if it stopped a little bit': Watertown soaked days after torrential flooding

Posted at 10:08 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 23:09:45-04

This city might be called Watertown, but people who live there are tired of the recent rain, especially since the streets were flooded just days ago. 

“I feel like we’ve gotten so much rain already it’s kind of crazy how much it’s raining lately,” said Britany Mueller, who works downtown. 

Monday night, the rain was falling about two inches every hour. 

Just three days prior, more than 8.5 inches of rain fell on the city, flooding basements, yards and streets, even prompting water rescues after cars became stuck in flash floods. 

“I’ve never seen it flood to that extent,” said Watertown resident, Justin Learned. 

Learned used his kayak Friday morning to get around oakwood lane. 

“The best part would probably be having my neighbors be like, “What is that kid doing out there!?” said Learned. 

He had his fun with the rainfall, but said he wasn’t that excited to see it come back so soon. 

“It would be nice if it stopped a little bit,” he said.