Hoan Bridge to light up for Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration

Posted at 10:01 AM, Jun 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 14:54:10-04

MILWAUKEE — One of Milwaukee’s largest landmarks will be lit up this weekend in honor of the city’s Juneteenth celebration.

The Hoan Bridge will be lit up in the colors of the Juneteenth Flag: red, white, and blue.

This will mark the 50th anniversary of celebrations of Juneteenth in Milwaukee.

Self-described professor of Black History Milwaukee County Judge Derek Mosley says of the Juneteenth holiday, “Finally, we were recognized as a part of this country. That we weren’t chattel slavery, that we were actually full-fledged members of this community and this country.”

In a year where the Black Live Matter social justice movement led to substantive changes in race relations across the country, Mosley says this Juneteenth celebration takes on a special meaning.

“I think they feel different, They feel different like this, I’m sitting here with you doing an interview with you about Juneteenth day, how they are going to light the bridge red white, and blue for Juneteenth day. That’s never happened before” said Mosely.

The Hoan Bridge will be lit up for the Juneteenth holiday this Saturday, June 19.

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