I-Team: Day care shut down after 1-year-old beaten

Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 19:14:35-04

A Milwaukee day care had its license revoked Friday after state investigators found a 10-year-old boy beat a 16-month-old girl while unsupervised earlier this week.

Milwaukee Police confirm they've arrested someone they believe is responsible for the beating.

Ava Booker-Grady's family can't imagine how or why their little girl came home from Infants, Toddlers and School Age Scholars day care Tuesday bruised and swollen.

"She was in an environment where we thought she would have been safe," said Shirina Grady, Ava's great-aunt.

Ava's mother was too upset to speak with the I-Team. Grady says the day care told the family one story, then a worker contacted them.

"Ava was punched repeatedly, she was choked, she was slammed against the wall," Grady said.

The Department of Children and Families reports video shows both children unsupervised when the 10-year-old goes into the classroom on "five separate occasions." DCF confirms the events Grady described happened over the course of seven minutes.

The I-Team tracked down the owner to ask about the allegations. She said nothing.

DCF revoked Rona Jones' license Friday shutting down the daycare, saying the conditions "threatened the health, safety and welfare of any child in care of the licensee." Jones can appeal the revocation.

The I-Team discovered this is not the first issue for the day care.

State records show over the last three years, it's been hit with nearly 70 noted violations, including unsupervised children, incomplete background checks and certifications for staff, and unsafe conditions.

It's now up to the District Attorney's office to decide on charges in the case. 

Ava's family wants those responsible held accountable, and for everyone to learn a lesson from this terrible event.

"She's a child, she's innocent and her innocence has been stripped away."

 Grady encourages families to check in on their day care centers before deciding to send their children. She said they didn't know about the center's previous issues when they sent Ava.

You can do that on the DCF YoungStar website.