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Hidden Gems: Mauricio Ramirez pushing Milwaukee's graffiti art and murals to new heights

Posted at 6:01 AM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 20:28:19-04

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MILWAUKEE -- Once considered to be illegal and an act of vandalism, graffiti has become mainstream and a highly appreciated form of artistic expression. We even have “Street Art Tours." My, oh my, how times have changed.

Mauricio Ramirez started as a graffiti artist, and though his works are now seen in galleries on canvases, he still enjoys creating murals.


“It’s an entire physical commitment. When I paint a mural, I paint with my whole body," says Ramirez.

And I guess so, as they measured in feet, not inches. Still, Ramirez admits that his murals take less time than his canvases.

I went to Latino Arts to see "Poly Wave: Seeds of Color and Shape," a solo exhibition featuring new works by Ramirez, and was surprised to learn that I’d been enjoying his work on buildings sprinkled throughout Milwaukee’s south side. I would describe them as images that he deconstructs and then re-imagines in geometric shapes, with precision, creating a beautiful image which says the same thing in a different way.


You know I am all about self-expression, so I say “Express Yourself Mauricio! and “Thank you for sharing!”

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And be sure to check out Latino Arts by clicking here.

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