Gov. Scott Walker on anthem protests: "I'll leave it up to them"

Walker doesn't plan to protest
Posted at 2:58 PM, Sep 27, 2017

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker weighed in on the national anthem protests controversy Wednesday by saying he will continue to stand and place his hand on his heart, but doesn't begrudge those who choose to do otherwise. 

Walker addressed the controversy at an event in Green Bay.

"When it comes to the national anthem, my parents raised me that you stand and put your hand over your heart. That's how my brother was raised, my sons, Matt and Alex were
raised that you stand and put your hand over your heart, that's what my family did Sunday. I'm not going to tell people what they should or shouldn't do," Walker said. 

Walker pointed out that he laid a wreath at the Korean War Memorial in South Korea a few weeks ago and that his uncle was a Korean War veteran.

"All those veterans and all those men and women fighting today, I think it's critically important personally that I stand and show respect by placing my hand on my heart. In terms of what others do, I'll leave it up to them," Walker said. 

A group of Green Bay Packers players led by Aaron Rodgers hasasked fans to link arms during the national anthem before Thursday's game. 

More players began protesting during the national anthem last weekend after President Donald Trump urged NFL owners to fire any players who protested.