Milwaukee DACA recipient can't vote, but still getting people to the polls

Posted at 7:41 PM, Nov 03, 2020

MILWAUKEE — He is an immigrant, so he legally can't vote. However, that isn't stopping Daniel Gutierrez from doing as much as he can on election day to get people to the polls.

"This election will determine not only what the future of the United States will look like for the next for years but it will also determine what the country and the world will look like for decades to come," the 21-year-old said.

He called people all day long encouraging them to register, vote, and offering rides to people who couldn't drive.

Daniel Gutierrez, 21, said he is doing everything he can to make his voice heard this election day even though he can't vote.

He said it was his responsibility. Even though he can't legally vote, he wants to contribute and do his part to make his voice heard.

"There is so much at stake in this election," he said.

Which is why he made phone call after phone call. Although, he said he isn't disappointed or hurt that he can't vote. Rather, it's motivation for him to create the change he wants to see.

What keeps him going even if he isn't a documented citizen?

"I think it's hope," he said.

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