Low in-person voter turnout in Milwaukee

Posted at 6:24 PM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 19:24:42-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee voters said they were impressed by the short lines, but consequently disappointed by the turnout in Wisconsin’s partisan primary election on Tuesday.

People who voted in person in Milwaukee experienced minimal if any wait times and nearly empty polling locations throughout the day. Sherry Davis said it took her just five minutes compared to several hours the last time she voted in April.

“There is no comparison, just complete opposite,” Davis said.

“The last one, it was just lines and lines of people,” added Joan Donner. “Today, it’s just unreal to me. I don’t know where the people are unless everybody voted absentee, and I doubt that.”

Preventing the spread of coronavirus was still a top priority with poll workers and members of the National Guard wearing PPE.

Tim Hoffman said he was surprised to learn that even though the statewide mask mandate is in effect, it doesn’t apply to voters.

Masks were recommended by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Milwaukee polling locations provided free disposable masks to those who needed them.

“I’m hoping that everyone’s wearing masks and being smart and we can slow the spread down as much as possible,” Hoffman said.

The Milwaukee Election Commission expects more people to vote absentee or by mail than in person in this election.

Marshall Lee planned on mailing his ballot but he decided to drop it off at a Kinnickinnic location instead.

“I felt it was best to just kind of walk it down here and make sure it got where it needed to go and not have to trust the post office,” Lee said.

The Milwaukee Election Commission expects all Milwaukee votes to be counted by Tuesday night.

By Tuesday afternoon, executive director Claire Woodall-Vogg estimated the results would be available by 10:30 p.m.

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