Adriana Mendez visits hometown, Kenosha, speaks with residents about what's important to them heading into the election

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 08:33:07-04

KENOSHA — Timothy Thompkins has lived in Kenosha for more than 20 years and he said it’s a city that has been hurting but a city that displays hope. Timothy would like to see a change in our country and he said that change starts at the polls.

“People are concerned about how we are going to be moving forward and I think the actions and activities and high numbers are a reflection of that,” said Thompkins.

The signs outside of Timothy's house encourage people to vote Biden-Harris and he said there are a few topics that are top of mind for him.

"America has two pandemics a crisis within the race issue and the COVID crisis which has been out of control," said Timothy.

Just down the street, a neighbor with a different political view. Russ Barow says he is voting for another four years for President Trump.

"I like Trump because he’s not a politician. I feel like the politicians can be bought they can be persuaded," said Russ.

Russ said the country does need change but overall he thinks the president has done a good job.

“From what I’ve seen and heard just going with who I believe is best,” said Barow.

The two men, living in the same neighborhood, with different political views, both agree the way to better understanding each other is by listening to one another.

“I don’t mind listening to others' opinions, if you can change your mind, change it and I’m more than happy to listen,” said Barow.

“I'm hopeful that those very courageous and uncomfortable conversations are actually occurring... our political difference doesn’t stop us from having humanity and I think that’s a big thing just,” said Timothy.

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