All of Milwaukee's wards reported more registered voters than votes cast

Posted at 5:50 PM, Nov 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-05 18:50:55-05

MILWAUKEE — All of the City of Milwaukee's wards reported more registered voters than votes cast in the 2020 presidential election, according to the latest data from the Milwaukee County Clerk.

That is contrary to false reports circulating on the internet, including an article from Milwaukee City Wire, that allege that seven wards reported more votes than registered voters.

The false reports concluded that the 274th, 273rd, 272nd, 277th, 269th, 234th and 312nd wards reported more votes than registered voters, implying that there perhaps had been election tampering in those wards.

But those numbers are incorrect. According to the Milwaukee County Clerk's website, the correct numbers are as follows:

  • Ward 274: 702 registered voters, 611 votes cast
  • Ward 273: 671 registered voters, 612 votes cast
  • Ward 272: 1190 registered voters, 1096 votes cast
  • Ward 277: 1520 registered voters, 1321 votes cast
  • Ward 269: 978 registered voters, 861 votes cast
  • Ward 234: 688 registered voters, 588 votes cast
  • Ward 312: 1029 registered voters, 951 votes cast

The race in many of these wards has been close, according to the latest election data.

In the 274th, Trump has just one more vote than Biden; In the 273rd, Biden carries 23 more votes; in the 272nd, Trump with 55 more votes; in the 277th, Biden with 33 more votes; in the 269th, Biden with 63 more votes; in the 234th, Biden with 344 more votes; and in the 312nd, Biden with 279 more votes.

Also, in Wisconsin, voters can register to vote on the same day they vote in a presidential election. The number of votes cast may be updated sooner than the new registered voters on the Clerk's website.

The previously mentioned website, the Milwaukee City Wire, has since updated their initial article, changing the emphasis to a higher-than-usual turnout in those seven wards.

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