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The New Hampshire Primary and the road to the DNC

Posted at 2:41 PM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 15:41:22-05

MILWAUKEE — Democrats were looking for a better week after all the chaos in Iowa last week . TMJ4'S Charles Benson talked with a key Democratic party leader who just returned for New Hampshire who feels confident about the road to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee's Jason Rae is keeping a close eye on the results from New Hampshire. He has a big role with the Democratic National Committee as secretary and knows there's still a long bumpy road to the convention in Milwaukee.

"In New Hampshire, it's 24 delegates at stake. We have Nevada and South Carolina followed by Super Tuesday, so this is still early but I'm not concerned about the state of the race right now at all," said Rae.

Democrats are coming off a rough week in Iowa where the caucuses did not go well. There's is still confusion over who really won and voter turn out was flat.

"I don't sense any less enthusiasm when I was on the ground in New Hampshire," said Rae, "people were excited and they were talking about the race."

As the stakes get higher, Senator Elizabeth Warren is raising concerns that the fighting between factions within the Democratic party has taken "a sharp turn in recent weeks."

Benson: Do you feel like the elbows are getting sharper and there is not unity?

Rae: I'm not concerned there's not unity at the moment. At the end of the day, I know we are going to come together as a party and unite behind whoever we nominate here in Milwaukee.

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