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Drive-in movie-style virtual watch party held in Milwaukee County Zoo parking lot

Posted at 9:31 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 23:40:32-04

MILWAUKEE — The Democratic Party held drive-in watch party events across the country Thursday night.

In Milwaukee, about 150 people stayed in their cars and watched the convention festivities in the Milwaukee County Zoo parking lot. The invite-only event was set up like a drive-in movie.

Alyssa Martin, who is active in the democratic party, says the event was a break from the last few nights of an unconventional convention.

“It was really weird the last few nights especially taking roll, that was a very different experience… There wasn’t that same energy, it wasn’t electric I guess” said Martin.

Those who attended stayed “socially distant” in their vehicles and honked their horn when they heard something they liked or saw a Wisconsin face on the screen.

DNC member Khary Penebaker said this virtual event was a way to come together and still be safe from COVID-19.

“It is quite different but at the same time, it shows that we are able to adjust to whatever hurdle gets thrown in front of us. You’re not going to stop us from nominating our president, vice president” said Penebaker.

The event in Milwaukee was just one of several in battleground states across the country. Including in Wilmington, Delaware, where Joe Biden accepted the party’s nomination.

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