Wisconsin doctor writes letter to Rodgers, says he spread vaccine 'misinformation'

aaron rodgers
Posted at 10:20 PM, Nov 08, 2021

MILWAUKEE — In an open letter, recent Medical College of Wisconsin graduate, Dr. Allison Neitzel, is holding Aaron Rodgers accountable for his spread of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. And now, she wants to set the record straight.

Just like many Green Bay Packers fans across Wisconsin, Neitzel says she was surprised to learn that Rodgers was not vaccinated against COVID-19. But what was even more surprising to Neitzel was the statements Rodgers made about why he wouldn't get the vaccine.

"It's just disappointing as a Wisconsinite, as a Packers fan, and a doctor. We are fighting this twin pandemic of coronavirus, but also this misinformation," said Neitzel.

Rodgers said he did not get vaccinated because he is allergic to one of the ingredients. Instead, he said he's been taking the drug Ivermectin. He also questioned the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine because of breakthrough cases.

Neitzel says those statements are doing more harm than good when it comes to fighting the pandemic.

"It does feel a bit like he's actively undermining what we're trying to do," said Neitzel.

Which is why Neitzel wrote an open letter to Rodgers and the entire Green Bay Packers organization on Twitter in hopes of shedding a light on the benefits of the vaccine.

In the letter, she writes, "Fully vaccinated individuals are 10x less likely to experience hospitalization and death from COVID-19 infection."

She also wrote, "Breakthrough cases are expected because each person's immune system is different."

"Teach him about the vaccines, about the safety, the efficacy, the public health impacts," said Neitzel.

She hopes by having this conversation, Rodgers and the medical community can move forward as one to help beat this pandemic.

"He's in a position to really motivate the state of Wisconsin in the nation at large to get vaccinated. Instead of furthering this divide, let's open doors," said Neitzel.

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