Trump says Wisconsin Foxconn plant's progress slowed by COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 11:40 AM, Oct 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-19 19:46:56-04

WISCONSIN — In an interview with TMJ4's Charles Benson, President Donald Trump said Foxconn's plant progress has been slowed by the pandemic, but he will deliver on his administration's promises if he's re-elected.

President Trump said the pandemic is to blame for Foxconn not meeting the job numbers and profit they had anticipated to this point.

"They have been slowed down, worldwide, by the pandemic," said President Trump.

While they haven't met expectations yet, President Trump said they will get it done.

"They will do what I tell them to do. They will do, what's supposed to be done," said the president. "They did make promises. It's a massive company... they will do what has to be done, I guarantee that."

The president continued on by saying Foxconn will be an "incredible investment" for our state, saying they will make a lot of money.

Trump says Wisconsin Foxconn plant's progress slowed by COVID-19 pandemic

"If we win the election, Foxconn is going to come in with money like no other company has come into our country, you watch," said the president.

Foxconn founder Terry Gou released a statement Monday in which he addressed Foxconn's plant in Wisconsin:

"Foxconn will remain committed to the completion and continued expansion of our project and investment in Wisconsin as long as policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels remain committed to Foxconn."

"In 2017, President Trump suggested that I should evaluate the potential of establishing Foxconn’s North America manufacturing headquarters in Wisconsin. Before this conversation, Foxconn had never considered Wisconsin as a location for any potential investment."

"The President quickly convinced Foxconn that Wisconsin was the right place for our investment. He brought together State and local leaders to showcase Wisconsin’s exemplary manufacturing and high-tech capabilities, demonstrating that the state had great potential to become a critical part of Foxconn’s global supply chain."

"Foxconn and Wisconsin leaders soon thereafter agreed to an innovative partnership. This agreement, built on “pay-for-performance” incentives, has worked to motivate Foxconn and protect Wisconsin taxpayers."

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