Social distancing hasn't stopped local artists from sharing their music

Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 10, 2020

Public performances and band rehearsals might be on hold because of COVID-19, but the music hasn't stopped.

Local musicians, teachers, and families are taking their songs to social media, and getting an overwhelming response.

By doing so, they're helping all of us find some comfort and joy during this tough time, proving music really can soothe the soul.

Milwaukee musician Aaron Gardner created the Facebook group "Quarantine Jams" where anyone can share a tune. It has more than one thousand members.

Teachers - now at home with their own kids - are using music to connect with their students and other families through social media.

We're seeing a lot of families with a lot of talent.

"I just had a lot of anxiety, and I couldn't settle down, and I know for me, singing and dancing have always been therapy," said Holly Haebig, who's been going live on Facebook with her kids, Liviah and FIn. "I thought I must not be the only one feeling this way. I decided to do a virtual sing-along, and it was such an invigorating experience, that I felt like my heart opened-up and then my diaphragm opened-up, and I could actually breathe easier. It was just a joyful approach to connecting to people through music."

That connection is what we're all craving right now—precious, unscripted moments and songs.

"It brings us from our head, more into our heart," Haebig said.

"When I think about it, a lot of people are suffering right now, and this might go on for a while longer, so we all just have to keep feeling joy, and being creative," said Haebig's daughter, Liviah.

With these songs that speak to our lives, social distancing feels a lot less lonely.

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