Milwaukee Kickers allows kids to maintain their soccer skills with new app

Posted at 2:43 PM, May 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-14 15:43:56-04

MILWAUKEE — Zach Soderberg is with Milwaukee Kickers. He's trying to help kids keep up their soccer skills.

"I'll to be talking with our kids. Even though obviously we can't be face to face with them. So, actually one thing the Kickers are doing which is pretty cool is on Wednesday and Saturdays we've been running virtual clinics. Where on our Facebook page, we've been streaming them live," Zach Soderberg says.

"I actually had one of my players text me the other day...his best juggling record was probably 50 before this, and he got 500 juggles in a row last week. Which is awesome for a kid his age. And it just shows that, you know, despite the fact that this is down time for us? You can still be getting better," Zach Soderberg says.

The Moti 3-D sports app, does just that.

"The social media...reaction has actually been really cool. We get tons of kids sending us video of them working at home. Them using the app at home. Them following along on our clinics at home. It's like kids and families are excited to show that hey, we still love soccer. We're still working on it. Kids can do this in their basement. They can do it in their back yard. They can do it in their living, they can do it wherever they are. But all they need is a ball, and a little bit of space," Zach Soderberg says.

For Soderberg? Coaching with a Milwaukee Wave legend isn't bad either.

"We like to add fun little prompts for the kids. So we've asked what's your favorite color? Things like that...and the question for the day is who is your favorite super hero? And I was very tempted to say Michael King. Just because you know, he's the most goal scoring player in Milwaukee Wave history and I'm working with him. So it's pretty cool. Oh, he's still got it for sure. He did, we had a challenge for that was a certain way of kicking the ball 40 times in a row without making a mistake, and he did it like that without having to try, so it was pretty awesome," Soderberg says.

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