Franklin High School ends football season as classes go virtual

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 09, 2020

FRANKLIN — When the number of positive staff and student COVID cases at Franklin High School reached the 3 percent level of high concern, the school decided to go virtual on Monday. And the football season ended.

"If there's a problem, there's a problem with the virus," Franklin football parent Karen Hartje says. "But we don't have a problem in sports."

"And we do know that a lot of our boys who are starters have been quarantined, and the boys have risen to the occasion and have played through it," Hartje says.

"The health department you know, handed down the directive that we needed to cease our football season," Franklin Athletic Director Jordan Hein says. "And we needed to shift to virtual learning for 14 days. And it was a heartbreaking email to send on a Saturday after a big win against a rival."

What football players and parents are confused about is that some of the activities carried on.

"See I don't want to take that opportunity away from them, but it is a little frustrating to know that swim and the school play get to continue when we've also done our part, and we don't get that same opportunity," Jarrick Miller says.

Franklin Athletic Director Jordan Hein explains why football is shut down and girl's swimming is allowed to continue to state.

"The WIAA designates football as a high-risk sport, it's a contact sport, it's got a large roster, " Jordan Hein says. "You cannot effectively play football, and maintain social distancing. Swim is designated as a low-risk sport. It's a non-contact sport. You're in a chlorinated pool. It's difficult, I know it's hard because we want equity. But I also believe that it's my role to advocate and do my best to present and provide opportunities for all of our students and this is my next play."

If the health department and the school district reversed course, the WIAA would rescind the forfeit, and let them play.

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