Cudahy sends students home early when AC fails

Posted at 7:06 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 20:09:18-04

CUDAHY -- Hot weather left students at many schools Tuesday feeling rather uncomfortable.  In Cudahy, the high school closed early due to an air conditioner malfunction.

Students we met told us it was a lucky break to have the rest of the day off. They describe the conditions in the building as stuffy.

Emily Beuth says it felt humid in the classrooms right when she arrived at school Tuesday morning, and it progressively got worse.

"Well they kept saying it was supposed to even out with the outside and it was getting really warm," said Beuth, a freshman at Cudahy High School.

The school let parents know CHS' air conditioning system failed and students could go home at 1:05pm.  Other school districts in the Milwaukee area don't all have air conditioning, but those stayed open.  MPS has some.  One principal told he was encouraging students to bring a water bottle to school and telling teachers to let kids take extra breaks at the bubbler.

“Keeping kids hydrated is very important, so not just at recess, throughout the day," said Chris Hibner, East Troy Schools District Administrator.

One school in the East Troy School District has no air conditioning, so they're doing what they can to help students cope.

“These next few days are going to be kind of brutal. They’re pretty warm so, open up the windows, try to get some fresh air in. Trying to help the kids know that it will pass. It’s Wisconsin. It’s a short time for warm weather in the fall (laughs)"  said Hibner.

Another tip is about recess. Hibner's encouraging students to be less active at the playground over the next few days.