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Milwaukee police officers buy basketball hoop, throw block party for kids

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jun 08, 2019

Milwaukee police officers from District 3 raised over $500 in just a couple days to purchase a new basketball hoop and throw a block party for the kids that live on North 47th St.

"We wanted to go all out," said Officer Jamar Lucky.

Last week MPD posted cell phone footage of officers Frank Williams, Jamar Lucky and Devon Williams playing three-on-three basketball with a group of kids. The officers were unaware they were being recorded, but in the video they can be seen having fun with the children and even dunking on the 12-year-olds.

After the game, Officer Lucky and his partners felt moved to do something special for those kids. A large group of officers in District 3 pitched in their own money to purchase a new $300 hoop.

"Some donated $20, some donated $40, $10 and much more," said Officer Lucky.

On Saturday, the officers worked side-by-side with kids to assemble the hoop. Along with setting up the brand new basketball hoop, community partners chipped in food and beverages. There were free haircuts, a DJ and even a bouncy house for the kids.

Although these special moments are not always captured on camera. Officer Lucky said law enforcement members across Milwaukee always try to go above and beyond on the daily. For him, it is about making a connection, and an impact on young peoples lives.