In Focus: Searching for Summerfest Lovers

Posted at 4:37 PM, Jul 08, 2016

Our next photography foray onto the Summerfest grounds led us on a search for cool couples. We’re not talking about the nagging pair going through the motions. We were looking for the ones who still have that glint in their eye, just like the first day they realized they were meant to be together. And if they have been mailing it in lately, perhaps a little on-site photography session was just what they needed to put some spark back in their giddy-up. It helped that we had Milwaukee wedding photographers Sarah and Steve Spottswood behind the lens. Get ready for your closeup, Milwaukee.

Is it any wonder that Summerfest is synonymous with lovers? Since the beginning of time, music and romance have gone hand in hand.

And in Milwaukee, Summerfest signals the time of year when the bitter cold winter is a distant memory and conditions are optimal to allow love to bloom. Or to find new love.

We hit the Summerfest grounds with husband and wife photography duo Steve and Sarah Spottswood on a mission to find compelling couples.

"I was really surprised at how many unguarded reactions we were able to capture," Sarah said. "Not enough people get photos taken of themselves, so I think this was such a great opportunity for them to get something a little bit different, and something they could cherish forever."

Credit: Spottswood Photography

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