Holiday shipping deadlines draw near

Posted at 10:07 PM, Dec 18, 2017

It's the countdown to Christmas and the deadline to get letters and packages off in time draws near.

"Actually this week is our busiest week of the year," said Rodney Owens, Post Office.

Three billion pieces of first-class mail are expected to go through the post office this week.

"Today alone we expect over 10 million people to go on to our online site," Owens said.

Many last-minute mailers claim they don't typically wait to send gifts so close to Christmas.

"No, we're late and not happy about it," said Marcelle Carlson of Milwaukee.

"We wanted to mail these out by like the 5th or so so they'd have them by the 15th, but we've just been really busy," said Wade Carlson of Milwaukee.

They come expecting to wait.

"This is as late as you want to go," said Diane Feldkamp, Milwaukee.

Though some aren't worried about waiting this late.

"I'm not because one is going to get there in two days and one is going to get there in three," said Candace Slaminski of Grafton.

  • Tuesday-  last day for first-class mail
  • Wednesday- last day for priority mail 
  • Friday- last day for priority mail express 

"We ask that you try and do it if you're trying to get it there by Christmas at least have it mailed by the 20th we can do overnight all the way up until the 24th," Owens said.

Owens said lines have been out the door at some post office branches in Southeast Wisconsin so be prepared to wait.