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Ketchup Lover Ed Sheeran Teams With Heinz For ‘Edchup’

Ketchup Lover Ed Sheeran Teams With Heinz For ‘Edchup’
Posted at 6:31 AM, Jun 13, 2019

We all like ketchup, right? Sure. But Ed Sheeran loves ketchup.

He loves ketchup so much he has a bottle of Heinz tattooed on his arm. While the rest of us keep ketchup in the kitchen, he’s even rumored to have a member of his staff responsible for carrying ketchup at all times, in case of condiment complications while he’s eating out.

Sheeran’s obsession has now borne fruit with “Edchup,” a collaboration with Heinz. Announced on June 5, National Ketchup Day, Heinz Edchup is the classic Heinz recipe in a limited-edition bottle.

Fans of the red-headed pop star will be tickled by the Edchup label: It looks like regular Heinz Tomato Ketchup but features a cute tomato wearing Sheeran’s famous glasses and a mop of green leaves that mimics his hairstyle.

Sheeran seems to like it too. Here’s his Instagram post teasing his team-up with the brand:

Adorable, right?

Fan reactions on Twitter were swift and intense. User @karis553 employed a trending meme to describe her experience asking her mom for a credit card to order Edchup:

Twitter user Callan Taylor says this is her dream come true!

In the United Kingdom, Twitter user @geraghty_cheryl found a “Perfect” deal:

Targeted ads are working for Twitter’s @notmad_s:

Meanwhile, @theilliterate offers a sarcastic take on the collab:

Party pooper.

Sadly, Edchup is totally sold out in the United States, just a week after its launch! Heinz set up a special site to sell the $5 bottles, with a limit of five per customer, but it’s too late. A few have already hit eBay, with multiple sellers asking for about $50. This is obviously the perfect gift or addition to your next backyard barbecue, right?

If you’ve got a Sheerio you want to impress, that’s about the only way to snag some Edchup — at least for now. On the “Ed Sheeran x Heinz” site, the company says to keep an eye on its Instagram for announcements of future restocking. It also responded to Instagram users asking about Edchup’s availability.

“Just because the show is over for now, doesn’t mean there won’t be an encore,” Heinz teased. “Stay tuned for more excitement from #EDxHEINZ.”

What’s next in the pop-music condiment market? Beyoncé-branded hot sauce? Mustard inspired by The Beatles? Sit tight — and keep your wallet handy.

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