Summerfest feeds the hungry masses

New food items join annual favorites
Posted at 5:03 PM, Jun 30, 2017

Summerfest is all about magnificent tastes as well as the music.

This year's festival has it all, from every type of chicken you can imagine, to burgers and everything else you'd normally see at a festival. But some restaurants decided to step it up a bit.

How about a Flaming Hot Cheetos taco brought to you by Vagabond? The chicken taco is filled with chili, cheese curds, scallions and crunchy Cheetos to give it that wow factor.

"Who doesn't love flaming Cheetos?" Claire Jacques said.

But that's not all. You can also get a deep fried mojito, a fan favorite that you can't even eat all by yourself.

"Who doesn't love a fresh mojito on a hot summer day? We want everyone to experience it, kids and adults alike, and have them have that great experience," Jacques said.

A new item this year is the bacon wrapped ravioli from Solo Pizza. They suggest eating it with homemade BBQ ranch sauce.

Festival-goer Kristi Quirk had one tip.

"Its bacon, it's delicious. Put it on a stick and then it's not all greasy on your hands," Quirk said.  "Just to add, the deep fried mojito is non-alcoholic, so kids can enjoy too."