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Houdini heifer now on display at Wisconsin State Fair

Posted at 3:40 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 18:23:50-04

One of the city’s most notorious escapees is now corralled at the Wisconsin State Fair. One of the cows that went running through the streets of Milwaukee back in January is now resting in her show pen.

Violet sits calm and quiet waiting for her show day to wrap up. A stark contrast from the way her life at Vincent High School earlier this year. That is when she and her partner-in-crime Thelma, made a run for it.

“She burst through the wooden fence and started running up Good Hope Road,” said senior Nathan Hawkings.

Thelma and Louise, who was later renamed Violet, made their way through the city’s northwest side and were found hanging out in someone’s backyard.

“We were searching for her for about a good hour and a half,” said Hawkings.

The teen pretty much adopted Violet after that and now gets to show her at the fair. The senior had never even been around a cow before the Agriculture Science program started at Vincent. 

“It’s a great experience for someone like us, a bunch of inner city kids. We don’t have any exposure to this,” said Hawkings.

But it was kind of scary to be by himself at the state fair against farm kids who had grown up doing this.

“She’s been very nervous these past few days,” said Hawkins. “I’ve been just as nervous as she has.”

But the judge said they did great placing 10th in their show.

As for where Thelma, the former partner-in-crime ended up? 

The teacher Monica Gahan said, “She decided she likes it better on the farm.”