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Fans disappointed about Summerfest headliner cancellation

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-18 08:02:32-04

Vincent Black and Thomas Riddle are mega fans of the heavy metal band Megadeth. The two were planning on attending their concert at Summerfest on July 4. They are now disappointed to learn the show was canceled after the lead singer Dave Mustaine, announced he is battling throat cancer.

"Your vocals are your instrument. It's everything to you. It's sad," said Black.

Black is now a lead singer in a band called SACRED. He said Megadeth inspired his love of music.

"They are the grandfathers of Thrash," said Black.

Riddle recalls buying multiple CD's of the band's music growing up. He wishes Mustaine the best of luck in his battle.

"Now throat cancer canceling what was one of the biggest tours in his career the best lineup he has had in years. So it's really disappointing to find out and as a singer that the thing you are scared most of is losing who you are and what you do and what it is that makes us, us. So my heart goes out to him and hopefully we will see him again on stage soon," said Riddle.

Summerfest officials announced they will not find a headliner replacement for the heavy metal band. For the first time in Summerfest history, the amphitheater stage will be dark on the Fourth of July.

"We wish him well, his family well, and we wish a quick recovery for him," said Bob Babisch Vice President of Entertainment for Summerfest.

Babisch said finding acts on the fourth is typically a challenge because most musicians are either performing in other cities or taking the day off to be with family.

"We know our fans will still come out on the Fourth of July and there are still great bands on the rest of the ground...We have lots of great shows. It will be Summerfest as always, we just won't have an amphitheater that night," said Babisch.

Music Writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Piet Levy said, having a significant event cancel will have an impact on Summerfest sales.

"For them to lose a July 4th show and the amphitheater dark on the 4th it definitely takes a hit on them because you will get less attendance coming to the grounds for that main attraction and less revenue for beer sales and food sales and less opportunity for people who go to see Megadeth roam the grounds," said Levy.

Levy said Independence Day is typically a slow day for the music festival.

"Traditionally July 4th has been a slower business for Summerfest anyway. I think now that they don't have an amphitheater show it will be even slower but there will still be a festival and people will go out to see the other acts that day," said Levy.

Black said he still plans on going to see X Ambassadors. His band SACRED will be playing on 6/27 at 2:00 pm opening for Foghat.