Boys & Girls Club members get access to Summerfest behind-the-scenes

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 20:24:58-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - A private look at the Summerfest grounds on a Thursday morning before it opens to the public is the kind of access to the Big Gig that doesn't come easy.

“It’s really amazing," said Zada Richardson.

"It's really cool to see the backstage on how everything gets put together," she continued.

Thirteen-year-old Zada Richardson is just one of 12 members of the Boys and Girls Club that U.S. Cellular helped make VIP for a day. The private “behind the scenes” walking tour not only gave her and eleven others a chance to explore the grounds, but it was also an opportunity to learn while using their phones to do it.

“We get asked [trivia] questions," Richardson said.

"And then as the speaker is talking, they kind of answer the question for us so we just type the answer in," she continued.

According to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, this is all in an effort to take Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or STEM learning experiences out of the classroom and show students what applying that kind of learning looks like in real life.

“It takes a lot of different types of experts to bring something of this magnitude together," said Rebecca Ehlers, the Communications Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. "So today their learning about different career opportunities and they’re getting to see the fun side too of what’s happening here in Milwaukee."

That's the kind of learning Richardson said isn’t hard for her to get into. Not only is she a dancer who wouldn’t mind one day dancing on the big stage, but she also said pursuing a career in building one of the Summerfest's sets is something that interests her too.

“I think that would be pretty cool to design and put lights on," Richardson said.

"That would be really cool," she exclaimed.

This is the third year U.S. Cellular has hosted the tour for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, the cellphone giant also donated $60,000 to the group enhance STEM learning experiences.