A heat wave kicks in as Milwaukeeans try to keep cool

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 20:00:22-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - Sizzling temperatures are headed our way—so hot Summerfest is temporarily changing its carry-in policy allowing people to bring in water bottles. 

“I’d say at about 12:30 I'll be inside in the air conditioning," John Jenkins said. 

Which probably isn’t a bad idea —an excessive heat warning just went into effect and should last until 7 p.m. Saturday, and we asked Jenkins what he thinks the thousands of people heading to Summerfest Friday should keep in mind, especially now that the fest has temporarily changed its carry-in policy allowing people to bring in full unopened water bottles and one empty clear plastic water bottle —there will also be misting stations throughout the grounds. 

"We'll drink plenty of water. Whether I've got to buy it or not," said Frank Cortez from Chicago.

"Drink a lot of fluids," Jenkins suggested.  "Get in the shade as much as you can and rehydrate." 

And while Jenkins is keeping cool jack and Joan LeRose say they live for a little fun in the sun.

“We love the warm weather," said Jack LeRose. "That’s why we live here in Wisconsin. We love this weather, hot is fine with me."  

"It's kind of hot but it's not unbearable I prefer this to cold weather so it's why I'm here," Dion Dicello said. "I never complain about hot weather."

Mayor Tom Barrett was out in the sun as well. 

"Lots of water today, that's the plan," the mayor said. 

But despite their love for hot temps, these two are also keeping heat safety in mind during those moments when the sun is just too much to bear. 

“Drink a lot of water," Joan LeRose said. "That’s what I would do and also probably short walks and stay inside in the air conditioning.”