25 signs you're doing Milwaukee summer right

Milwaukee's summer explained in gifs
Posted at 1:38 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 13:36:43-04

Is there a better word in the English vocabulary than "summer?" When you were a kid, it meant time off and long leisurely days in the sun. Now that you're "adulting," it's turned into a race to get all of the fun stuff in before the wind starts whipping back in off of Lake Michigan. I mean, do they really expect us to work and stuff when it's 90 degrees outside?

Around these Southeast Wisconsin parts, there's a formula for a "summer done right," and these gifs are a good starting point for figuring out that exact equation. 

1. Fridays be like..

2. You plan your life (and schedule) around happy hours and festivals.

3. You always know a bartender who will hook up a good pour.

4. You always manage to find that little bit of energy to make deadline and get out of work -- and to happy hour -- on time.

5. Everyone knows, cocktails always taste better outside.

6. You always play it cool after getting the digits.


7. You know exactly what to do when your song comes on.

8. You worked out all winter to get that summer body right.

9. You never say no to extra cheese..

10. Not just any snacks -- Brewers game snacks. 

11. You play it cool when someone walks in the spot with your outfit on. 

12. You perfect the art of multi-tasking..

13. Humid summer air messing with your hair? You've got a solution for that.

14. Summer hair game is on point!

15. You plan on getting plenty of sun at Bradford Beach.

16. Your most important goal all summer is the quest for the best burger in Milwaukee.

17. You waste some of the nice weather to power through your favorite Netflix show.

18. You visit Kopp's, Leon's and Oscar's more than you should.

19. You plan your outfits in advance.

20. You wait all year for summer festival food. 

21. You're at every family cookout.

22. You have the wine ready for Jazz in the Park on Thursdays.

23. You manage to eat deep fried macaroni & cheese and potato on-a-stick and still hop on the rides at State Fair. 

24. You manage to power through to the last day of Summerfest.

25. Monday's be like..