Decision 2022: Police funding and are Democrats closing a key voting gap?

Charles Benson spoke with former candidate for Senate Steven Olikara and Tim Michels' advisor, Bill McCoshen about these issues.
Posted at 9:07 AM, Aug 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-31 10:07:40-04

MILWAUKEE — President Joe Biden took to the campaign trail Tuesday, pushing his plan to cut crime and hire more police.

It comes as the election season kicks it up another notch.

Chief Political Reporter Charles Benson talked about this with TMJ4's political panel, former Democratic Senate candidate and founder of the Millennial Action Project Steven Olikara, and Republican strategist and advisor to the Tim Michels campaign Bill McCoshen.

"When it comes to public safety in this country the answer is not 'defund the police' - it's fund the police," said President Biden. "That's why my crime plan helps communities recruit, hire and train nationwide more than 100,000 additional officers, accountable officers, for community policing."

How is that any different from what Republicans are calling for?

"I think he understands that he's on the wrong side of the crime issue and Democrats are overall," said McCoshen. "I mean, this is going to be one of the top two issues for the US Senate race and in the gubernatorial race."

Homicides are on the rise in Milwaukee, another record year. President Bidden emphasized more "accountable" officers. Is the solution more police?

"What he's doing is providing funding for not only hiring but also training police officers," said Olikara. "This has been one of the big issues we've seen, particularly since the shooting of George Floyd that police officers have been calling for better training so that there can be a de-escalation of violence."

Olikara and McCoshen also talked about the enthusiasm gap closing among Republican and Democratic voters in Wisconsin and across the country. Republicans still hold a slight edge when it comes to wanting to vote in this year's election.

President Biden will be campaigning in battleground Wisconsin on Monday. He's expected to attend Milwaukee's Laborfest 2022.

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