Company Transforms Shipping Containers Into Gorgeous Homes

Company Transforms Shipping Containers Into Gorgeous Homes
Posted at 10:30 AM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2022-04-19 15:44:09-04

Building a home from a shipping container is much like a large-scale Lego project. You can have an entire room delivered in one giant rectangular piece. Or, you can stack the containers together to create bigger rooms, or multiple rooms or additional levels.

This converted shipping container trend that’s been gaining in popularity for the past few years is clever. It’s sustainable. And, as a Canadian company is proving, shipping containers can also be design-forward.

Blocks Container Structures creates stylish rustic retreats from shipping containers, incorporating surprise details into their builds such as lofted ceilings, rooftop decks and fold-down dance floors. The company builds residential and commercial projects. But, the homes are especially fun to browse because it’s fun to see how a shipping container, something used to transport cargo, can become a cozy cabin, stylish beach house or family home.

Take a look at this 2,000-square-foot home in Alberta, Canada, that Blocks Container Structures built with a half dozen shipping containers:

Blocks Container Structures

The home has a 500-square foot garage, plus a spacious roof deck:

Blocks Container Structures

The design throughout proves that a home can have both the warmth of a cabin, yet still be modern with some industrial influence:

Blocks Container Structures

While some shipping container homes can be considered tiny homes, others can be spacious, with multiple levels:

Blocks Container Structures

Shipping container homes are durable and come with benefits, the company says. The steel structures are impervious to water, insects, rodents, mildew and fire. They’re affordable to build and they can reduce construction time by up to 40%.

Here’s another one of the company’s builds that’s got some great views:

Blocks Container Structures

If you love the shipping container trend, you can also find farmhouse-style shipping container homes built by Backcountry Containers. The Texas-based company also constructs other styles of shipping containers, including bungalows and contemporary builds.

To give the trend a trial run, you could book a shipping container stay on Airbnb. Or, you can dip your toes into the shipping container trend by having a shipping container transformed into a backyard pool.

Would you consider living in a shipping container home?

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