Community Block Party Aims to Promote Peace on Milwaukee's Streets

Community Block Party Aims to Promote Peace on Milwaukee's Streets
Posted at 4:26 PM, May 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-25 17:26:34-04

MILWAUKEE — The 8th annual Heal The Hood Block party was held Saturday afternoon on Atkinson Ave. Every year the event hopes to promote peace and prosperity out on Milwaukee's streets.

The event featured rows of community resources, like a mobile health unit and Code Red a nurse mentorship program.

"We are doing blood pressure checks for everyone that comes by and we will talk to them about hypertension, blood pressure and how to reduce your risk," said Aquilla Battle, CEO of Code Red.

"Today it's kind of a one-stop shop for almost anything you need," said Jessica Butler, Director of Heal The Hood.

Local business owners Fit 4 U were there promoting health and wellness while giving away free samples of their popular lavender lemonade. They said the Heal the Hood event is a great way to bring the community together and inspire other business owners.

"We can show others who want to be entrepreneurs the different businesses that are out there that. We can network, come together and promote peace," said Joelie Brox Co-Owner of Fit 4 U.

Mayor Tom Barrett said community events like Heal the Hood is a great reminder that summer is fast approaching and as more people are out on the streets, he hopes for peace.

"We have had no spring. We went from winter to summer and we want people to be safe and have fun," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Bernard Carpenter has been on the receiving end of violence. He said he was shot at twice in the head back in the 1980's.

"I walked into the middle of a robbery. I was shot twice in the head with a 38 pistol, pronounced dead they said if I lived I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life and here it is 33 years later I'm still walking around," said Carpenter.

That day changed his life forever. Now he is a motivational speaker and mentor hoping to inspire the kids to continue to live a positive and peaceful life.

"I know that my assignment is to help the youth and that's why he saved me and has me here," said Carpenter.

The Heal the Hood event runs until 6 p.m.