Watch out for the latest fake text and email scams

Posted at 7:19 AM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 08:19:32-05

WISCONSIN — In recent weeks we have heard of a number of scams involving people getting text messages and emails that appear to be real, but with a twist. Here is what some of the messages look like and how to avoid getting taken:

Some of these messages appear to be coming from a well-known shipper like FedEx telling people to click on a link about a delivery. But, in many cases, the consumer has not ordered anything and is not expecting a delivery. Watch out! This link could be loaded with malware or trick you into releasing personal information.

Other messages look like they may be coming from someone asking you to click on a link to join an unexpected video conference. In some cases, the invitation looks like it may be from someone who works with you, but when you look further, you see that the name contains a misspelling or a slightly different email address.

There have also been fake emails alerting people that their email account is being terminated due to spam and questionable content being sent.

If you get an unusual text or email message, do not click on links until you check things out. When in doubt, call the shipper, retailer, or your employer’s I.T. department to check things out.

With more people shopping online and working from home, there are likely to be more of these types of scams. Do not let your guard down! Check things over carefully before you click or provide information.

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