How To Avoid Hassles With A Travel Insurance Claim

Posted at 6:09 PM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 19:10:08-05

MILWAUKEE -- Travel insurance can come in handy if you have a problem on a trip that results in cancellations, delays, or other costly issues. But, not all plans are equal, and it is important that you understand your coverage and how to be prepared if you have to file a claim.

A lot of these policies have very specific terms and conditions, and procedures for filing a claim.

When things go wrong and an insurer does not want to pay, it is often because a claim was not filed in a timely manner, the insurer wanted more proof of loss, or coverage was limited or denied because the delay or loss did not meet the all the criteria for coverage.

But, there are a few things that you can do to increase the chances of the claim being paid. Thoroughly read your policy at the time of purchase. Pay attention to how and when things are covered, and what will be needed for filing a claim.

Keep all receipts and documents to prove that you sustained a loss.

If you are faced with a cancellation, medical issue, or the trip was delayed, be prepared to provide solid proof such as a letter from a doctor, published weather reports, or an e-mail from an airline that explained why a flight was cancelled or delayed.

If you need to file a claim, contact the insurer and ask what is needed and by what date. When submitting your claim, try to be as accurate as possible in explaining what happened. And, it is a good idea to have all documents included with the claim to avoid delays and hassles later.

If your claim is denied, ask for a written letter to explain the decision, and how to file an appeal.

If the insurer fails to follow through, you can file a complaint with the office of the commissioner of insurance. If your claim is denied and you disagree with the decision, you might also want to consider filing legal action.