Beware of unemployment scams

Posted at 6:34 AM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-02 07:34:43-05

Now more than ever people are looking for great jobs online that pay well and allow you to work from home.

However, before you jump at one of these opportunities, watch out. You could get scammed. Here is how you can check things out and avoid getting taken:

Before you apply or respond to an email or message, look things over for telltale signs of a scam such as grammatical or spelling errors, odd email addresses, or vague or confusing information about the job.

Some email or web addresses will often be disguised to look like that of a legitimate company, but have a slight change in the spelling or name of the company.

Also, steer clear of job offers that involve receiving a fake check for supplies or materials, depositing it, and then sending funds or packages to another location. This could involve fraud.

Do some research online about the job posting and company, and include words like “scam” or “complaints” in your search. The Federal Trade Commission has some great examples of common job scams on their website.

If you get a suspicious email, text, or instant message, do not click on links nor reply until you have checked things out. If necessary, contact the company at a number that you know is legitimate, and ask about their hiring process.

If you suspect that a job posting is a scam, report it to state and federal consumer agencies, as well as job search websites. Your information could help others from being scammed in the future.

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