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This Bar Leaves Notes On The Cars Of Customers Who Choose Not To Drink And Drive

Posted at 12:23 PM, May 29, 2019

As the temperatures rise, so do concerns about drunk or “buzzed” driving.

And for good reason.

During holiday weekends and the summer months, the number of accidents caused by drunk and impaired drivers has been shown to rise.

As scary as this is, there is some good news. Advocates for safer roads are finding clever ways to combat drunk driving, with some drinking establishments even rewarding patrons for not driving after they’ve had a few.

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Such is the case at The Union Bar in Gering, Nebraska. While many bars and restaurants do not allow cars in their parking lots overnight, The Union Bar takes a much different approach.

They actually go out of their way to reward patronswho decide not to drive home after spending time at The Union.

As Janelle Martin explains on her Facebook page, she and her husband were pleasantly surprised when they discovered a note left on his windshield after he decided to leave his truck at The Union overnight:

Martin had opted to call his wife for a ride home instead of getting behind the wheel, and when he came back for his car the next day, he found that his wise choice had earned him the respect of The Union … along with a free burger and fries.

Owners of The Union, Scott and Carla Swanson, know that a free burger is a small price to pay in exchange for helping to keep their community a little safer.

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“It’s a $7 burger, and if it keeps someone out of jail or keeps someone from killing someone, it’s d*** well worth it,” Scott Swanson told the World-Herald.

Swanson says that several cars wind up left in the parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights, proof that his plan to get drunk drivers off the road might be working.

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The Union Bar isn’t the only establishment helping to combat drunk driving. Mack’s Tavern in Ohio also rewards patrons who decide to leave their car overnight.

People who leave their vehicle in the parking lot of Mack’s Tavern overnight may come back and find a coupon on their windshield for their next visit, along with a kind thank-you note for choosing not to drink and drive.

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Other bars have opted for similar rewards, including Canadian bar Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar, which gives customers who opt to leave their vehicle overnight a coupon for chicken wings on their return visit.

This way, they can come back and get their car when they’re sober enough to drive — and enjoy some tasty wings as a reward for their smart choices!

It doesn’t hurt that the wings at Original Joe’s look totally delicious, based on their Instagram posts:

What a great way for bars to encourage customers to enjoy their beverages safely. Remember to be careful on the roads during these summer months!

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