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You Can Rent A Treehouse Where Alpacas And Llamas Roam A Bamboo Forest On Airbnb

Posted at 8:35 AM, Sep 11, 2019

Several wonderful must-experience things are happening at this pair of Airbnbs. First, there are the adorable llamas and alpacas roaming the grounds. Then there are the accommodations themselves: your choice of a colorful stunner of a luxury cottage or a tree house.

And the setting for this already-amazing scene is a bamboo forest — not off on some faraway tropical island, but in the middle of Atlanta, of all places.

What’s more, the alpacas and llamas are rescues, and the tree house was built from reclaimed materials. It sounds like one heck of a retreat!

I mean, come on, can you imagine waking up in the morning and seeing Figgy the llama out your window?

Well, hold on. If you opt for the tree house, you’re not going to catch that view of a friendly critter right out your window, because it sits high above the forest floor on stilts.


The tree house has become a huge success on Airbnb, with people renting it not just for overnight stays but weddings and other events.

But Kara O’Brien, the owner of this little corner of paradise, didn’t get a lot of support for her plan at the outset. “Everyone said it was a terrible idea,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But I’m not one to really listen to other people.”

The tree house is currently going for $375 per night on Airbnb, and the cottage is $134 a night. O’Brien also offers a “Llama Alpaca Experience” on Airbnb so visitors can meet the animals even if they’re not staying in the cottage or tree house.

Since it’s made from reclaimed materials, the tree house has some interesting details. For example, the main entry door came from a 120-year-old house in Atlanta that once belonged to the mayor:


The cottage is really charming, too.

It’s not among the bamboo, but it’s on the farm, so you’re adjacent to all of the llama and alpaca action:


In a video the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared about the Airbnb units, O’Brien talks about how the tree house has brought people together in surprising ways.

“We’ve had proposals and weddings — it seems like it’s a place where people have come together, and celebrate each other and are really happy, and that was something we didn’t expect when we started it.”

The llamas and alpacas are in the video, too, so you should definitely watch:

O’Brien notes in the video that the bamboo forest’s origins are a bit of a mystery, but people think it’s been there since the 1940s.

Really, a hint of mystery just adds to the allure of this place.

That and baby llamas.


One of O’Brien’s Instagram captions sums it up. “There’s a llama in my bamboo forest.”

Who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Time to pack your bags for Atlanta, my friends.

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