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You Can Stay At A Barbie-inspired Hotel Suite

You Can Stay At A Barbie-inspired Hotel Suite
Posted at 7:53 AM, Jun 26, 2019

When I was a kid, I always envied the spectacular homes that my Barbie dolls lived in. I imagined that when I grew up, I’d live in my very own Barbie Dream House, too. While that has not exactly come into fruition, some travelers can experience the next best thing. There’s now a Barbie-inspired hotel suite that will make all your childhood dreams come true!

At the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, located in Mexico, the hotel is celebrating Barbie’s 60th anniversary by transforming one of their rooms into a “glamping” camper. It looks like an abode perfect for the iconic doll.

Available through December 20, 2019, the Barbie Room Experience starts at $189 per night on weekdays and $229 per night on weekends. When guests arrive, they can snap photos in front of an oversized version of Barbie’s classic pink high heel, shown here on the Hilton’s Instagram page.

There’s even a pink carpet leading to the front desk — because, of course, Barbie would arrive to fanfare!

© 2019 Hilton

Inside the suite, there are two rooms: one for adults and one for children. In true Barbie style, the decor is mostly in shades of pink, and you can view rare Barbie dolls from throughout the past 60 years.

They’ll also have the opportunity to play with a Barbie styling doll. The suite comes equipped with Barbie toiletries from Colgate and Avon.

When it’s time to turn in for the night, kids can snuggle up in the life-size DreamCamper.

© 2019 Hilton

“Glamping is a fusion of glamour and camping, combining the convenience and luxury of a hotel with certain aspects of traditional camping,” Andres Korngold, general manager of Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, said in a press release.

Here’s an image of the front door of the room, from @hiltonsantafe:

He continued, “Barbie loves to travel, enjoys nature and cares about the environment, without forgoing the comfort of the most sophisticated accommodations. Travelers can now join her dream glamping experience with an in-room DreamCamper that allows guests to travel in style.”

This post from the Hiltonannounces the creation of the special Hilton room. It reads, “Barbie has been exploring the surroundings of Santa Fe while we fine-tine the final details to announce the surprised we prepared.”

Outside of the room, the hotel’s pool features a cabana with pink Barbie-printed cushions with a matching curtain.

© 2019 Hilton

Just imagine an afternoon by the pool, stretched out on one of these hot pink deck chairs! The only thing missing is a pink drink:

The pool looks amazing, does it not? This video of the water from @hiltonsantafe has us wanting to jump in.

The Barbie theme even extends to the hotel’s restaurant, Madera, where you can order a number of pink-hued and Barbie-themed menu items, including strawberry milkshakes, red velvet treats and heart-shaped pizzas. Here’s a picture of a drink you can get at the Lobby Bar:

Clearly, the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe thought of everything, creating Barbie-themed excitement for everything from the accommodations to poolside fun. If you love Mattel’s iconic doll, you’re going to love this vacation experience!

The caption on this Instagram post reads in Spanish, “A very special visit to Mexico has arrived.” So true! We love Barbie’s pink suitcase, too.


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¡Ha llegado una visita muy especial a México!

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How fun! Would you indulge in the Barbie Room Experience?

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