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Wisconsin family who flew back from Wuhan, China shares what conditions are like in quarantine zone

Posted at 8:07 AM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-06 09:18:22-05

FARFIELD, CA (WGBA) The Neenah family who recently visited Wuhan, China is back in the United States. They are now going through the 14 day quarantine period at Travis Air Force Base - about 30 miles outside of Sacramento.

"I am very satisfied with the way they are being treated," said Samuel Roth, the father and husband who stayed behind.

According to him, his wife and two daughters are staying in a hotel room on the base. The Red Cross is providing them necessary things like diapers, toiletries, food and water. He says there is a play area set up for the daughters to help keep them occupied.


"It seems as though it is going well," Roth said. "I spoke with my wife when they went through customs. They went to bed when they got to the hotel room."

Evacuees were screened multiple times when they left China. The charter plane was a cargo plane specially fitted for passengers. People will come by their room twice a day to check their temperature, and people will only be tested for the Coronavirus if they are experiencing symptoms.


Roth says he plans to go out to California closer to when the 14 days are over