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Wild horse chase: Escaped mustang reunited with owner in Door County

For Jesus Jauregui, it was just another day as Door County's horse whisperer.
Posted at 2:41 PM, Nov 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-15 15:41:24-05

STURGEON BAY, Wis. — After several residents in southern Door County spotted a wild mustang on the loose overnight, the horse is now home safe.

Earlier on Monday, the Door County sheriff's office said it escaped while in training.

"The homeowner was currently training it and had it on a leash type thing and it broke free from there," said Lieutenant Brad Shortreed.

After the horse got loose, Shortreed said it crossed over the canal near Potawatomi State Park. It then swam back across this morning.

Eventually, the owners were able to track down the horse.

Once they got the horse to settle down in a field off of County Road T, that's when they called in the horse whisperer.

Jesus Jauregui grew up on a ranch in Mexico and says he's spent all of his life around horses.

He says the difficult part was not actually getting the horse back into the truck

"The difficult part was yesterday and this morning with the people that tried to chase it," said Jauregui.

He says that chasing the horse would have only made it more anxious and caused it to keep running.

"We need to be calm and quiet so the horse trusts," said Jauregui.

The group came up with a plan. After using a horse to socialize with the loose mustang, Jauregui brought three more horses to surround the loose mustang.

"Two chances, first we had to be quiet and see if we could put the rope on the neck," said Jauregui.

After they were able to lasso the horse, the group eventually brought the wild mustang back to the owners. For Jauregui, it was just another day as Door County's horse whisperer.

"It was fun…it was like a sport," said Jauregui.

The horse was brought back to the owners and is now safe and sound once again.