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Looking back at weather conditions of past presidential elections as Hurricane Eta batters Central America

Record-tying Hurricane Eta could strengthen into category 4, will hit Nicaragua Monday afternoon
Posted at 1:27 PM, Nov 03, 2020

As Hurricane Eta slowly rips through Nicaragua, we are getting sunshine and mild temperatures across southeast Wisconsin on this Election Day.

On Monday, Hurricane Eta rapidly intensified from a Category 2, into a strong Category 4 Hurricane. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center expect Eta to have maximum sustained winds of 145 mph and bring dangerous storm surge, flooding, and mudslides to the borders of Honduras and Nicaragua over the next 24 hours.

After landfall, Eta is expected to continue on a westward track through Central America before curving back out into the Caribbean Sea. Here’s the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center.


Once the remnants or what’s left of Eta get back out into the warm waters of the Caribbean, potential impacts on the Gulf Coast states will have to be closely monitored because conditions could become favorable for the redevelopment of a strong tropical storm or hurricane.

That’s enough about the tropics for now—how about this gorgeous Election Day weather and the unseasonably warm days we have coming up!

This 2020 Election Day will continue to be sunshine-filled and dry with highs in the 60s. If you have a really good memory, you probably recall that the weather conditions for 2016 were not as mild as what we’re getting today. Here’s a look at what the weather conditions were like in Milwaukee for the previous 3 presidential elections.


The previous 2 elections years were cool and a little wet, but 2008 was very warm for November with a record high of 73°. So, don’t put away the short sleeves and light-weight jackets just yet, because we’re going to see temperatures similar to November of 2008 as highs warm into the upper 60s and lower 70s over the coming days.

In the meantime, let’s do our best to try and help with relief efforts (if you can) in Central America after Hurricane Eta moves through and please tell your friends and family along the Gulf Coast to stay prepared. The potential for another tropical system impacting the southeastern United States will have to be closely monitored going into the second week of November.

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