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Windy Monday night ahead

and last updated 2019-10-21 23:43:01-04

What a Monday with 30-50 mph winds, scattered showers and temps in the 50s. Leaves were flying all over the place and waves were 6-10 feet on Lake Michigan. The last shower of the day was over the lake before 3pm and the sun actually came out. Temps quickly warmed into the mid 60s with the strong SW wind. This evening is dry and gusty, but clouds and scattered showers return after midnight. Morning lows will be in the 40s with a few lingering showers and a westerly wind at 20-30 mph. The rain is out of here early Tuesday morning, but it stays cloudy and very windy with gusts to 40 mph and highs struggling to reach 50.

Wednesday is partly cloudy and cool with highs in the lower 50s and a lighter wind at 10-20 mph. Clouds increase late in the day with a few showers by evening. The rest of the week is sunny and chilly. Thursday’s high is 48 and Friday is 47 after morning lows near 32. The weekend looks dry and sunny with highs in the 50s.

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy and windy
Low: 45
Wind: SW 15-30 gusts to 40 mph

TUESDAY: Morning showers, then mostly cloudy, windy and chilly
High: 50
Wind: W 20-40 mph

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and cool with showers by evening
High: 52
Wind: SW 10-20 mph

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and chilly
High: 48
Wind: NW 5-15 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and chilly
High: 47
Wind: W 5-15 mph mph

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny, warmer and windy
High: 54