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Saturday is sunny with highs in the 50s

and last updated 2021-03-12 23:27:51-05

Another sunny day with highs near 50, sunshine and a brisk wind. That wind becomes calm this evening, and under a clear sky it is frosty with lows in the 20s. Saturday is beautiful with highs in the 50s, a lot of sun and a westerly wind at 5-15 mph. Enjoy tomorrow because conditions change drastically for Sunday as that huge snowstorm in the Rockies gets closer to us.

Sunday is cloudy and windy with NE winds gusting over 30 mph which keep the lakefront in the upper 30s and inland areas in the 40s. We stay dry on Sunday, but we finally start to see snow and a wintry mix overnight and throughout the day on Monday. Monday's highs are in the mid to upper 30s so this will be a wet slushy snow. As of right now, we could see 2-3" of snow by Monday afternoon, but this storm is still far away. Stay tuned over the weekend for updates. After almost 3 quiet weeks of weather, next week looks active with another chance for a wintry mix on Wednesday night and next weekend.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear and frosty
Low 27 Lakefront...24 Inland
Wind: Calm

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and mild
High: 51 Lakefront...57 Inland
Wind: SW 5-15 mph

SUNDAY: Cloudy, chilly and windy
High: 38 Lakefront...48 Inland
Wind: NE 15-30 mph

MONDAY: Snow and a wintry mix likely, chilly and windy
High: 37
Wind: ESE 15-30 MPH

TUESDAY: Morning snow, then clearing
High: 41
Wind: N 5-10 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with evening snow
High: 44
Wind: NW 5-15 mph

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