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Wednesday is sunny with highs in the 70s

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Tuesday was near perfect with highs in the 70s, a lot of sun and low humidity. With the light breeze, a lake breeze was able to develop after the noon hour and cooled the lakefront into the 60s with a SE wind of around 20 mph. This evening is sunny and in the 60s and you can keep the windows open tonight with lows in the 50s. Wednesday is a lot like Tuesday with the light breeze, sunshine, and a rapid warm-up into the 70s by noon before a lake breeze develops. Inland areas will be in the upper 70s all afternoon with the lakefront cooling into the upper 60s.

Thursday warms up to near 80 in Milwaukee with a SW breeze at 10-15 mph and a little better chance for a pop-up shower in the afternoon. Most of us still won't see a drop of rain. Friday has a slight chance for a pop-up shower, otherwise, it is sunny, breezy and warm with highs in the mid-80s. The first weekend of June will feel like summer with highs in the upper 80s in Milwaukee and a few inland 90s. There is no chance for rain, the humidity is low, and it will be windy.

TUESDAY: Mostly Sunny. Slight Ch. Showers
High: 72 Lake, turning cooler PM 76 Inland
Wind: W to SE 5-10 mph

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy and mild
Low: 55
Wind: SW 5-10 mph

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and mild
Becoming cooler at the lake
High: 71 Lakefront...79 Inland
Wind: SE 5-10 mph

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and mild with spotty showers
High: 76 Lakefront...83 Inland
Wind: SW 10-15 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and warm with isolated shower
High: 85
Wind: SW 10-15 mph

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny, windy and warm
High: 88
Wind: SW 15-25 mph

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, windy and warm
High: 88
Wind: SW 15-25 mph

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