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Snow expected to stay south, windy and cold for the week

and last updated 2020-02-24 23:35:47-05

A beautiful weekend as expected with sunshine and 40s on Saturday and 51 on Sunday. Despite a weak cold front and increasing clouds, today was still around 40. Now for the winter storm update.

First: the Winter Storm Watch for SE Wisconsin on Tuesday night and Wednesday has been cancelled. The storm is tracking more to the south and northern Illinois is expecting the heaviest snow. We will still see some snow by Wednesday, but most of us see just a dusting. Milwaukee will see less than 1”, and areas south could see 1-2”.

Tonight’s forecast is cloudy, windy and mild with NE winds increasing to 25 mph and lows near freezing. Inland will be in the upper 20s. Tuesday is cloudy and windy with NE gusts to 30 mph and a few afternoon sprinkles and flurries. The light snow that we see is Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with highs on Wednesday near 30 and a strong north wind. Thursday and Friday are sunny, breezy and chilly with lows in the teens and highs in the 20s.

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy, windy and mild
Low: 32
Wind: NE 15-25 mph

TUESDAY: Cloudy and windy with afternoon flurries/sprinkles
High: 35
Wind: NE 20-30 mph

WEDNESDAY: Morning light snow, then cloudy and windy
Accumulation: North Dusting, MKE Less than 1”, South 1-2”
High: 30
Wind: NE 15-25 mph

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy, windy and cold
High: 25
Wind: NW 15-30 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, breezy and cold
High: 27
Wind: NW 10-20 mph

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and cool
High: 30
Wind: NW 5-10 mph

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