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"Go Gwen Go:" Waukesha family of Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen writes book about her journey

Posted at 9:59 PM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-17 08:41:28-04

WAUKESHA — "It was such an unusual experience...we had no idea, that Gwen was going to be an Olympian. And then everything along the way, was something new," Nancy Jorgensen says.

And so begins 'Go Gwen Go,' the story of the Jorgensen family's view of Gwen's gold medal in the 2016 triathlon.

"I know some people are looking for something that's positive and uplifting...and this book really is that. I know some other people are interested in what is it like when somebody in your family goes from average accountant, to world and Olympic champion," Liz Jorgensen says.

The book reveals the grueling and intrusive nature of the quest for the Waukesha native, as mother Nancy found out.

"The drug know, she's been here at the house. And we've had USADA show up at the door. These things that, I just had no idea, what went into it all," Nancy Jorgensen says.

To how close Gwen's sister Liz found out that Gwen's goal of gold nearly ended, before it even got close.

"There was the time when she wanted to quit triathlon...and in going back and looking at some of her race reports, and talking about what was your mental state like at this time? I don't think I understood in the moment, how serious she was, about walking away," Liz Jorgensen says.

Why as a Mom? You worry.

"I'm always afraid when she's on the bike...when we stream it on the TV? I come in the kitchen here and I scrub the stove. I scrub the sink. I just, I can't watch it," Nancy Jorgensen explains.

And as a family member? You value keeping emotions, in check.

"The day of the Olympics...there's a story in the book, where I go up to Gwen and Patrick, and I am so nervous. I'm like oh, oh my gosh. How are you guys dealing with this? And I'm just a bundle of energy, and they're both so calm," Liz Jorgensen says.