Brewers fans and their dogs excited after team's best 50-game start in franchise history

Bark at the Park held at Miller Park Thursday
Posted at 10:25 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 06:05:29-04

The Milwaukee Brewers are off to their best start over 50 games in franchise history. And some excited fans, both human and canine, were at Miller Park Thursday to cheer them on.

The fan-favorite theme night Bark at the Park brought all kinds of dogs to the stadium and a portion of the ticket sales for those with dogs will go to the Wisconsin Humane Society and the Animal Rescue Foundation.

Longtime Brewers fan Barbara Morbeck may not have had a dog with her, but she did come prepared with binoculars and head phones.

"I like if something happens on the field and I’m not sure what it is, I can listen to Bob Uecker tell me what happened," she said.

Morbeck's husband died nine years ago, but she's kept up the tradition of going to nearly every home game and spring training too.

"I'm hoping we can get into the playoffs and go deeply into the playoffs," she said. "It’s always fun to come to the games but it’s more fun when we win."

Nadine Love-Filer has cheered for the brewers since she was a kid but says something about this team is different.

"How they play and talk about each other, I think it’s wonderful," she said.