Bratzooka debuts at the Milwaukee Bucks' Fiserv Forum

Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 19:44:58-05

If you have been to a professional or college sporting event there is a good chance you have seen a New Berlin company's product in action.

The company makes everything from the lighted platform Bango the Buck dances on for the Milwaukee Bucks to T-shirt guns used in MLB, NHL and NBA arenas.

"Right now manufacture 40 unique items right here in New Berlin and deliver them to all the teams around the world," said president and CEO Todd Scheel.

Their latest creation is a giant grill that shoots off brats into the crowd known as the Bratzooka.

"We've had the idea for probably 10 years," said Scheel.

But the problem with shooting encased meats out of an air gun is it doesn't always go well.

"When it leaves the gun through the accelerator there is an immense amount of pressure. So we had to overcome that," said Scheel. "There first wrap that we put on that was paper and it was pretty entertaining. When we shot them it exploded the capsule, the wrap and we had brat parts all over the parking lot."

The secret to solving it came in the case.

"It's actually very similar material to a pool noodle when you play in the pool," said sports sales manager Dan Cole. "There are two caps on each end and you open it up and you put your brat or hotdog in."

They were also worried about a fan getting hurt so the material and angle of the gun helped.

"It's shooting up in the air and when it hits it's peak it's not floating, but it's just slowly making it's way down to the fans," said Cole.

It debuted at the Bucks to the cheers of a packed stadium. The Bratzooka will make an appearance at about half of all Bucks home games this season.