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Two members of a check/credit fraud group arrested

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-22 09:28:59-04

BROWN COUNTY — Two woman associated with the "Felony Lane Gang" have been arrested after trying to cash a fraudulent check in De Pere, Wisconsin, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office. The two suspects reported they are from Tennessee and Illinois.

According to police, members of the group go around cashing fake checks, using the farthest bank drive-through lane to avoid being seen up close.

“They usually are operating in vehicles with stolen license plates,” Lt. Charles Aagaard said.

Police said that the group uses rental vehicles and tinted windows to conceal their identity while searching for victims to pray on. The group steals everything from ID's, to checkbooks, and credit cards. Many of these crimes happen around gyms, daycare centers, and other locations woman may be likely to leave their belongings behind. The group then withdraws large amounts of cash from local banks before the victim can close any accounts.

Banks have suffered as much as $13,000 in losses in some instances. This string of identify thefts has been linked to women all over Wisconsin attempting to cash fake checks in Brown County, Janesville, Delavan, Madison, Brookfield, Muskego, Racine and the greater Milwaukee area. They have also been suspected of committing similar crimes in other surrounding states.

“They will take the identification, personal items, credit cards, or what have you and they will try to get cash at a local bank,” Aagaard said.